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Far Cry 3 Data Cab 10

How to Fix Far Cry 3 Data Cab 10 Error

Far Cry 3 is a popular first-person shooter game that was released in 2012. The game is set on a tropical island where the player has to fight against pirates, mercenaries, and wildlife. However, some players have encountered a problem when trying to install the game from a disc. The error message says "Please insert the disc that contains". This article will explain what causes this error and how to fix it.

What is is a file that contains some of the game data for Far Cry 3. It is located on the second disc of the game installation. The error occurs when the installer cannot find or access this file. This can happen due to several reasons, such as:

far cry 3 data cab 10

  • The disc is scratched, dirty, or damaged.

  • The disc drive is faulty or incompatible.

  • The disc image is corrupted or incomplete.

  • The antivirus or firewall software is blocking the installation.

How to fix error?

To fix the error, you need to make sure that the installer can read and copy the file from the disc. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Clean the disc with a soft cloth and try again.

  • Use another disc drive or an external one if possible.

  • Download and mount the second disc image from a reliable source.

  • Disable or whitelist the installer in your antivirus or firewall software.

  • Extract the file from the disc using a tool like WinRAR and copy it to the installation folder.

If none of these methods work, you may need to contact the game support or request a replacement disc from the vendor.


The error is a common issue that prevents some players from installing Far Cry 3 from a disc. The error is caused by the installer not being able to find or access the file on the second disc. To fix this error, you need to ensure that the disc is clean and readable, the disc drive is working properly, the disc image is valid, and the installation is not blocked by any software. If you follow these steps, you should be able to install and enjoy Far Cry 3 without any problems.


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