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[S2E1] The Time Of Two Engines

On the eve of our nineteenth revolution, the great Mr. Wilford came out of the cold. It was the time of two engines. The Tail no longer the tail but a borderland. A time of great gamesmanship and great trainsmanship, of revolutions interrupted, and fresh track on new terrain.

[S2E1] The Time of Two Engines

I can sort of see how her warnings fall on distracted ears. After all, every time Big Alice brings Snowpiercer to a stop, a very short clock starts, counting down the seconds before they all freeze to death.

Andre Layton: [narrating] On the eve of our 19th revolution, the great Mr. Wilford came out of the cold. It was the time of two Engines. The Tail no longer the Tail, but a borderland. A time of great gamesmanship, and great trainsmanship. A time of revolutions interrupted, and fresh track on new terrain.

Next, Ruth learns that Zarah (Sheila Vand) is pregnant. We see a few former Tailies try to assault Zarah. She has to pay for what she did to Josie. Layton comes to her defense. He reveals that Melanie was blackmailing Zarah, so the latter did what she had to do to survive. Ruth shoos the naysayers away and vows to set Zarah up in a place of utmost comfort. Later, Layton sits down to address the whole train. We see folks train-wide listening to his message. Of course, Layton and co. just spent a large chunk of time fighting for democracy aboard Snowpiercer. But now, times have changed. Wilford is an obvious threat to their newly tenuous democratic state. Layton enacts martial law until further notice.

Sean Bean is obviously having a great time as Wilford, from quietly seething at Melanie, to casually introducing her to the daughter who now hates her, to playing with her like a cat playing with a mouse, and finally exploding in anger when Melanie foils his nefarious plan. (Sorry, he really does seem like a cartoon villain. In a good way.)

Back at the firehouse, Boden makes an announcement: due to budget cuts, the city shut down Firehouse 33, and Firehouse 51 could be next unless they institute some uncomfortable changes. Everyone reels as he explains the new rules - no overtime, shared lockers - directives straight from Gail McLeod, the city's no-nonsense consultant.

This leads to more news - two firemen from 33, Spellman and Clarke, will join the house, a move that originally prevented Mills shifting from Truck to Squad. As Mouch and Herrmann bristle about how the current union president will react to these changes, they spot a car on fire outside the station - Severide's. And this time, there's no doubt - it's arson and Severide's the target.

Another residential fire blazes away, this time across two midrise buildings. The flames jump to the second floor, trapping Shay and Dawson as they tend to an unconscious woman. Casey and Severide use a ladder to bridge two windows and, as the fire rages on behind them, Dawson, Shay and the victim carefully inch across to safety. Afterwards, Clarke, the latest addition to 51, discovers an apparatus in the building - the same kind that ignited Severide's car.

Alone in his old compound, Rusty's investigations find two unfamiliar men, who turn out to be long-time adventuring companions, Hector and Swifty. Despite both of them having gone on adventures with Rusty and his father Jonas, Rusty does not remember them at all. He fires them both. Their project, an unfinished teleporter, swiftly malfunctions, affecting Rusty.

Back at the lab, Venture finishes explaining how the boys' memories are recorded in the computer via the education machines in their beds (and downloaded into each successive clone the same way), and that it's no different than the necromancy Orpheus willingly practices all the time. Despite this, Orpheus is horrified; especially when the naked, hairless clones perform a feeble "Go Team Venture!" barely touching fingertips and slurring each syllable, before collapsing on the ground from the effort, leading into the closing credits.

The Mandalorian is back, but this time he has his Beskar armor and jetpack to help him on his adventure. He is questing to reunite The Child with its own kind. However, he needs some help from other Mandalorians to set him on the correct path. Here is my review of the very first episode of the new season titled: The Marshall.

The episode starts off by setting the tone just like the first episode of Season 1. The Mandalorian meets with a one-eyed alien at a gladiator-like arena to find more Mandalorians. The alien double crosses him which leads to The Mandalorian entering into hand-to-hand combat. I personally love to see Star Wars characters fighting it out with their fists and blunt weapons. The Mandalorian even looks to have improved his hand-to-hand fighting skills. The one-eyed alien makes a run for it but The Mando catches up with him. He forces the Alien to reveal that there is a Mandalorian on Tatooine. After promising that he would not kill the Alien by his hand, he leaves him for the native wildlife to devour. I thought that this was a great way to re-introduce us to the show. It reminds us that The Mandalorian may have good intentions most of the time, but he is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

The Rookie continues his last shift before taking the evaluation exam; facing a biological terror threat endangering Los Angeles. As soon as the LAPD has the incident under control, we take a time jump of two weeks after the event. Once the Administrative Leave period ends, the cops head back to work. At this point, the test results become the least of their worries as the rough LA streets bring quite a task.

The Rookie made its smooth return with ease and grace. The quick transition between the events of the first season only lacked a bit more time. Other than that, the premise in which the episode runs on is excellent. Having a showdown between fake cops and the real cops is quite uncommon, and the show implored the right mix of cinematography, choreography, and special effects to the sequence. Continuing in this direction means well for one of the best cop shows to date.

Mos Pelgo sounds like a crappy place to live. Cobb makes it sound like they are constantly under attack from bandits, and before they brokered a peace and took care of the dragon, sand people, and the krayt dragon itself. Bandits? Sure, if the settlement had enough people they seem like something that can be defended against. Sand people? Sure, if the settlement had enough people they seem like something that can be defendded against. Giant krayt dragon that can burrow in the sand and swallow banthas whole? Yeah, time to peace out and find another place to live. Why would anyone continue to live there after say the first attack? And what were they mining to make the settlement worth risking your life over?

Number Five used his ability to jump back and forth through space and time in order to transport him and his siblings back a few decades - but as Netflix has revealed in the Umbrella Academy season 2 trailer, that time jump goes horribly wrong, as the siblings get separated and all wind up at different points during the 1960s.

She only discovered her mysterious abilities at the end of season one, triggering an apocalypse through her destructive behaviour - and at the start of season two, her memory of them has been wiped by the time jump, when she lands in Dallas in October 1963.

Who is Five Hargreeves? Number Five has the ability to jump through time and space - and it was through him that the Hargreeves siblings all accidentally wound up back in the 1960s at the beginning of season two.

Who are The Swedes? With Mary J Blige's Cha Cha and her sidekick Hazel out of the picture for season two, it was only a matter of time before some unsettling killers rose up to fill that void.

Make-up puzzlement aside, Aubrey delivered one of the only fully-sewn looks in the challenge, but she was nearly invisible in the edit. I repeatedly forgot she was in the episode as I made notes about it. It was hard to get a read on how Ru received her since she was the first queen in the mini-challenge. Apart from that, she spent more time on screen being referenced by Hannah and Beverly than she did as her own character.

The first season of Outlander was ... interesting, to say the least. The show started out as one thing---a historical romance with a time-travel twist, featuring Claire Beauchamp Randall, a British Army nurse from the 1940s who finds herself in 18th-century Scotland---but ended up as something entirely different. We were innocent and then we were no longer innocent.

George Russell was the highlight in the episode as his rise was hugely talked about while Claire Williams got good screen time too. The troubled start was a good insight as it showcased how bad things were and continued on during the season.

Reduce the risk of firmware-based attacks against Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customer tenants with custom-built, hardware-based, root-of-trust-technology designed to wipe and reinstall the firmware every time a new server is provisioned or a new customer tenancy is established.

One of the premiere car collectors in the greater Atlanta area, Skip has been an good friend of Caffeine & Octane for a long time. You've probably seen several incredible machines at the show from Classic AutoSmith. This classic car service, consignment sales, restoration, and vehicle storage business is owned by Skip's son Brandon.

Buck returns to Abby's apartment and notices some anomalies. Someone touched the alcohol there, and women lingerie are littered on the bed. He dismisses these, disrobes and attempts to take a shower, only to terrify his sister Maddie who was actually inside, claiming to be looking for him. After she gets ouf of the shower they have a discussion, ranging frm Maddie giving baths to a 2-year old Buck, as well as how she managed to find and access the building. Buck is surprised at how easily did the building manager believed her and his Christmas cards arriving on-time. She apologizes for her three-year silence and seems to have left her abusive ex-husband Doug Kendall for good, before advising him not to tell anyone else. Maddie finds the place unusually tidy and Buck cooking food, which he attributes to it being Abby's place and Bobby respectively. Maddie teases with Buck on how Abby might be cheating on him, much to his annoyance, which she claims as protective measures. Though she declines his invitation to see around Los Angeles, he claims he would need some company anyway, and they have a toast. 041b061a72


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