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FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack

FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack

If you are looking for a way to spice up your sounds with some high-quality multi-band distortion, you might want to check out the FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack. This is a collection of 107 presets for the FabFilter Saturn plugin, which is a versatile and powerful distortion unit that can be used for anything from subtle saturation to extreme distortion. The presets are divided into seven categories: Bass, Drums, FX, Guitar, Keys, Synth and Vocal. Each category contains a variety of tones and colors that can enhance your sounds and add some character and warmth.

The FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack was created by Audiotent, a team of producers and sound designers who have been making professional sounds for over a decade. They have tested and engineered the presets to ensure that they are suitable for different genres and styles, such as techno, house, trance, hip hop, rock and more. The presets are compatible with the latest version of FabFilter Saturn (v2), which has some new features and improvements, such as linear phase processing, improved modulation system, new distortion styles and more.

Download File:

The FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack is available for download from Audiotent's website. You can also listen to some before and after examples of how the presets can transform your sounds. The expansion pack is currently on a special intro offer of 9 (price will revert to its full 17 on Wednesday 21st December 2023). If you are looking for some new colors and textures for your sounds, you might want to grab this expansion pack while it's still on sale.


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