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Second Life Copybot Viewer Download [WORK]

where you can create a account and download a ascent viewer wich easy copybots stuff..either skins or even objects. And this is seariously bad for every creator on sl and someone should shut down that side

second life copybot viewer download

Seems like they allready disbabled the new registrations, wich is a good thing, cuz that means that not more ppl can download the viewer...but still..the ppl that allready have it..can pass it arround anyway

The bad thing about this side is, of course that you can download the viewer there but even more bad is that you can even download skins and all that directly on that side -.- even whole avatars..that means you dont even have to actually use the viewer

Viewer hacks are nothing new and ascent isn't the first to get it i've seen youtube clips of people using neillife copy bot viewer hacks to turn Phoenix viewer from a legit viewer to a bot masquerading as phoenix at least on the log in page since there seems to be an option to change the viewer channel so you show as using a different viewer. i must stress these viewers are compiled and modified by self compilers using freely downloadable source code and not the official viewer devs

It is one thing to see someone's work and REPRODUCE that work by regular 3D modeling and texturing (or even prims) and another thing to use copybot viewers to get the item in question. The original creator may have taken a week of even long days to make an item. And oftentimes the "original creator" used a real life model as a reference so it was not THEIR creation in some sense. The thief takes a few moments and then sell "the same" product to (usually unsuspecting) avatars.

As mentioned above it "seems" like there is less copybotting these days and more ripping. As I read the TOS it is not "illegal" (as far as LL is concerned to upload purchased models to SL. This all came about when that practice was not only OKed but advocated for Sansar and with both platforms having (at least in part) the same TOS Sansar policy became part of SL's policy. The uploading of other people's models can STILL be illegal though as many of the download websites prohibit uploading to Second Life. And of course as we have seen in the past, some creators present these models as their own ORIGINAL work and then later get "caught" with fairly heavy backlash.

Copybot is not a singular tool, of course. I'm sure there are many. A copybot is essentially just a modified/recompiled 3rd party viewer, that purposely ignores permissions. That's an inherent vulnerability of SL, but no more so than copying, say, a video is: if it can be seen -- aka, if a viewer can show an object, or a device a video, etc -- it can be copied. Other than trying to detect the tool, there's very little LL can really do about it.

Don't wanna nitpick myself, especially since I know you to be rather computer-savvy, but 'ripping files' is not necessarily what I would say a copybot does. Rather, as I outlined earlier, it simply does what every viewer does: decode the Matrix, as it were, and show you the object/build. Your LL viewer, or FS, simply has every bit of information it needs already to potentially be a copybot -- except we don't call this kind of activity copybotting, of course. Only difference being, that a copybot will essentially just use the decoded info, and recreate the object, but sans the permissions set on it. This makes them difficult to beat. 350c69d7ab


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