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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - The Best Naruto Game for Windows 10 Users

There is a new action gameplay segment in the game similar to Ultimate Ninja Impact. Where you control one character who must advance to a point taking out numerous foot ninja along the way. It is only ever used three times, and while it is fun and adds variety into the game, it is ultimately not executed as well as it should have. It is a nice idea to run around slashing down multiple minions at once, but with how the lock on system works, it falls by the wayside.

Introduction:Welcome to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. This is the 4th installment in the storm series; but only the third to come to the Xbox 360. The game has 50 achievements for 1000 gamerscore; while most of it is pretty easy the final battle S rank will likely give you a little trouble. While not that hard will provide issues for some people do to lack of ability to heal for the hard part of the fight.Note about the time requirement:If you really wanted to, you could complete this game in under 10 hours by skipping all the cutscenes. The game isn't very long once you take them away and you can skip them right away. This also assumes that you already kind of know what you're doing.Step 1: Story modeYou will get most of the achievements from ultimate adventure mode. During this step simply play through ultimate adventure while trying to S rank all the boss fights that you can. You can reload the boss fights at any time using the Ninja world timeline, so they are not missable.You need to S rank the following fights:

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Step 2 : Fragments and Ninja World Timeline In this step you will get everything you didn't get before from ultimate adventure mode. This is also the time to get Ninja World traveler. Head to the foot of the stairs heading to the Hokage's mansion. There is a frog there named Gekomatsu, he will give you a quest to get residual chakra fragments. You need to get through stage 2 of his quest in order to get Avenger on the Move (There is a timeline page during Fragment: Eternal Mangekyo) and you need to clear the quest completely to get the Three Years timeline page for Historian.A more detailed explanation of Gekomatsu's quest is under the Avenger on the Move achievement.For the timeline pages you will need to complete bonus objectives from a large handful of fights; as well as finding them in free roam. In order to see the scrolls in free roam you must accept a quest from Shikaku (Shikamaru's Dad) to finish your timeline. Once you have accepted the quest you need to hunt down a large number of gold scrolls scattered throughout the world. The places they are hidden are relevant to where the battle you unlock took place. For example: Sasuke attacked Killer Bee at the storm cloud ravine, so the scroll for that timeline battle is at the storm cloud ravine.See this post on details on how to get each timeline page: =5While hunting down scrolls you will need to visit each of the 3 visitable villages. One of them you get right away, the other 2 are the hidden cloud village and the hidden sand village. Directions on how to get to the villages are under Ninja World Traveler.Step 3: Secret Factors and ActionsDuring ultimate adventure mode there special events that can happen and certain memories that you can activate by doing certain things during the fights. You can see what you missing by looking at the timeline and going to each fight as seeing if you have it done. Most of them can be done on any route (if you do it on hero, it will only show you have done it if you are looking at hero and not legend) There are few boss battles where you have to do both routes to get everything for the 1k.Step 4: Remaining S ranksIf there are any S ranks you didn't get during you run through of ultimate adventure this is the time to get them. The Threat of Seven Swordsman and The Final Battle are definitely the 2 hardest S ranks in the game and will probably be the last thing you do in the game.Please refer to each individual S rank achievement for tips on how to most easily accomplish the S rank.Step 5: A tournamentReally quick and simple. Just go into free battle and choose to do a very easy tournament with 3 other opponents. You just have to win 2 fights so it should only take a few minutes.Conclusion:Overall this not that bad of a completion; its pretty doable. The S rank for the final fight may seem like a daunting task; but its actually not that bad. Nothing should take more then a few tries and the game is not that long. Especially if you skip cutscenes.

Introduction:Welcome to Full Burst, the DLC expansion to Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. This DLC contains 1 boss fight and 100 missions for you to play. All you need to do for the 5 achievements is S rank the Boss fight, Brother, United and complete the 5 missions. The S rank will require a bit of strategy and experience with the game but is not too bad. Each attempt does take a bit of time. A successful run from start to finish runs about 22-25 minutes. It will take you a few tries though so it may take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to get the S rank done. The missions are not difficult and won't take very long, so it shouldn't take you 3-4 hours maximum to polish all of them off.Note:There is something weird going with certain DLC achievements affecting achievements from the main game's achievements. If you download the DLC before getting "Conquered Formidables," the S rank for Brothers, United will be required in order to unlock the achievement.On the flip side of that "Consummate Storm Master" will unlock once you have all the main game achievements and it is not required to get the other 3 DLC achievements to get it. Thanks to ATL Dragoon for this information.Step 1: The Dragon-Slayer Brothers:Go into ultimate adventure, then pause the game, go to the timeline and scroll all the way to the right. The only fight you need to do is the fight between team Itachi/Sasuke and Sage Kabuto. The fight is long winded and mildly annoying, being properly prepared for this fight is a must to S rank it with minimal issues. See the achievement's description for a text description and video demonstration.Step 2: Enlightenment:Go to free battle, then challenge missions, choose mission lists you need to clear all 100 missions. Each mission is unique in the fact that it has its own rule that you must abide by in order to get the picture piece. None of them are hard so just complete each on. You don't even need to do the extra bonus requirements in each mission, just win each mission.Conclusion:This DLC isn't hard, since the boss fight with Sage Mode Kabuto can be S Ranked with ease by abusing healing items and the character switch checkpoint. The missions are a grind and only 1 of them is really all that annoying. With enough healing items and chakra regeneration items this should be pretty easy, it will just be mildly boring.


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