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A Night In Old Mexico

Red and Gally enjoy the town's attractions during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. As night falls, they visit a brothel for dancing and drinks. They later meet Patty Wafers, a down on her luck stripper turned nightclub singer. She is intrigued by Red's fearless and outrageous behavior. Cholo kills J.T. and Moon, and is now in pursuit of Red. Patty tries to help them use some of the money to return to America undetected across the border, but Cholo catches up with them and takes the cash. They pursue him, then they pursue Panama, another drug cartel member who was disappointed in Cholo's performance and shot him.

A Night in Old Mexico

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"A Night in Old Mexico" tells the story of Red Bovie's last hurrah in Mexico. He has fled from the scene of his depressing new digs, a dusty trailer park, dragging along his city-boy grandson Gally (Jeremy Irvine), who just happens to show up unannounced at the very moment of Red's eviction. Red wants to go to Mexico, get drunk and find a woman for the night. The old boy's still got some kick in him! Along the way, they pick up two guys who (coincidentally) have just double-crossed a Mexican gangster and are carrying a bag full of cash. Red eventually kicks them out of the car but the bag is left behind.

While some Americans cross the border to acquire cheap prescription drugs and tequila hangovers, Red finds more exotic souvenirs: a satchel stuffed with U.S. dollars (courtesy of some bad-news hitchhikers) and a gorgeous new friend, Patty Wafers (Angie Cepeda), a would-be nightclub singer who strips to pay the rent. Not one to hide his enthusiasm under a bushel, Red soon attracts the attention of locals who envy the girl and have claims on the dough; Joaquin Cosio plays a standard-issue thug who stalks the trio as they cavort through town.

In A Night in Old Mexico there's a mini-Lonesome Dove reunion of sorts, as the film has Robert Duvall working with a script by Lonesome Dove scribe William T. Wittliff. This is a very different sort of project, however. Duvall plays an old rancher who has lost his land, and heads down to Mexico for one last drunken night out with his estranged grandson. But they give a ride to some bad men en route, and and up with the money those guys were carrying. It's a lot of money, and people with guns want to get it back. Naturally, that gives Duvall a chance to show his tough old leathery side. Check out the A Night in Old Mexico trailer below.

PERALTA: To make work a little easier, one night they stayed up late until all the other sounds in the city went quiet, and they recorded (speaking Spanish). When they took it out to the streets, their business took off, and everyone asked, where did you get this? They would ask... 041b061a72


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