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Micro Expression Training Tool Free HOT! 17

when people can read facial expressions of emotion they can communicate in a more efficient way and perhaps be more accurate. most of the time this is not consciously controlled, but if one is in an emotional situation where accurate detection of emotion is necessary, then training in using facial expressions of emotion will have a positive effect. thus people who are selling or trading goods and services in an emotionally charged situation may benefit from microexpression training. those who are trying to read the feelings of another person or children or youth who are feeling emotional at school may also benefit from microexpression training. people who are in stressful situations where they need to control their own expressions or those of others may benefit as well. people who work for the police or with children or youth in need of emotional support, and so on, are examples of those who may benefit. people in any profession where emotion can be easily recognized and concealed or expressed in a different way may also benefit from microexpression training.

micro expression training tool free 17

of course many people are good at reading facial expressions of emotion and not good at being good at them. as discussed above, training will not always help one become more accurate or more efficient. thus even if you are an excellent microexpression reader you may still not be able to read others emotions. but training will improve your ability to read and interpret facial expressions. and if you are in a profession in which reading others emotions or microexpressions is necessary, then training will have a positive effect.


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