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Stat Ease Design Expert Cracked

Stat Ease Design Expert ED: A Powerful Software for Design of Experiments

Design of experiments (DOE) is a systematic and efficient method for optimizing the performance of a process or product by varying multiple factors simultaneously. DOE can help identify the most important factors, quantify their effects, and find the optimal settings for achieving the desired outcomes. However, conducting a successful DOE requires a suitable software tool that can handle the complexity and diversity of experimental designs and data analysis.


One such software tool is Stat Ease Design Expert ED, a statistical software package from Stat-Ease Inc. that is specifically dedicated to performing DOE. Design Expert ED offers comparative tests, screening, characterization, optimization, robust parameter design, mixture designs and combined designs. It also provides graphical and numerical tools for exploring and interpreting the results, such as ANOVA, effects plots, contour plots, surface plots, optimization plots, and more.

Features and Benefits of Design Expert ED

Design Expert ED has many features and benefits that make it a powerful and user-friendly software for DOE. Some of them are:

  • It supports a wide range of experimental designs, such as two-level factorial, general factorial, response surface, mixture, split-plot, optimal, and combined designs. It also provides a power calculator to help determine the appropriate sample size for each design.

  • It allows the user to easily create and modify the design matrix by using drag-and-drop or typing in variable constraints. It also checks the design for orthogonality, aliasing, confounding, and other potential issues.

  • It provides 11 graphs in addition to text output to analyze the residuals and check the validity of the model assumptions. It also offers diagnostic tools such as leverage plots, Cook's distance plots, outlier tests, and variance inflation factors.

  • It determines the main effects of each factor as well as the interactions between factors by using ANOVA and effects plots. It also allows the user to compare multiple models and select the best one based on various criteria such as R-squared, adjusted R-squared, predicted R-squared, AICc, BIC, etc.

  • It generates response surface models (RSM) that can map out the design space using a relatively small number of experiments. RSM can estimate the value of responses for every possible combination of the factors by using contour plots and surface plots. It can also identify the optimal region or point where the responses meet the desired goals by using optimization plots.

  • It incorporates Poisson regression for fitting count data, such as manufacturing defects or biological events. Poisson regression can account for the discrete and non-negative nature of count data and provide more accurate estimates than ordinary methods.

  • It features a novel wizard to expand, contract, or move the experiment-design space, thus facilitating sequential studies. This wizard can help the user add or remove runs from an existing design or change the factor levels without compromising the quality of the design.


Design Expert ED is a comprehensive and versatile software for DOE that can help experimenters achieve breakthrough improvements to their product and process. It can handle various types of experimental designs and data analysis with ease and efficiency. It can also provide graphical and numerical tools for exploring and interpreting the results with clarity and insight. Design Expert ED is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to apply DOE in their research or work.


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